NAB: Sony brings out Anycast Touch vision mixer

Sony's AWS-750 Anycast Touch
Sony’s AWS-750 Anycast Touch brings touch-screen technology to live production. Picture: Sony

Sony is adding touch-screen technology to vision mixers, with its latest Anycast unit, the AWS-750 Anycast Touch.


Aimed at corporate and event production, the Anycast Touch could also double up for use in small studios to enable broadcasters and publishers to produce multi-camera programmes.


The Anycast Touch is a laptop-style video and audio mixer with a touch-screen flat planel, and an internal, 128GB solid state drive for recording the programme output. The mixer can output the programme feed over the internet, local network, or dedicated lines.


The mixer features six video inputs at up to 1920×1080 as well as an audio mixer with six stereo inputs and three outputs. The unit can control pan/tilt/zoom cameras directly, including cameras at remote locations.


The mixer can also add titles and wipes or dissolves, controlled by the touch screen.


Sony expects to ship the AWS-750 Anycast Touch in September this year.