Apple’s new Mac Pro goes on sale

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Apple’s Mac Pro workstation
Power inside: Apple’s Mac Pro workstation. Picture: Apple
Apple has confirmed that its long-awaited new Mac Pro workstation is now available to order.

The new Mac, which features dual graphics processors, or GPUs, and up to 12 processing cores represents a radical departure from previous Apple, and competing, workstations.

The Mac Pro is based around a circular aluminium case, with a ventilation “tunnel” in the centre. Unlike the previous Mac Pro model, there is no space for PCI-based expansion slots. Instead, the new Mac relies on an uprated version of Thunderbolt, Thunderbolt 2, with up to 20Gbps bandwidth.

The machine can fit up to 64GB of memory, and can support up to three, 4K displays, making the Mac Pro Apple’s first truly 4K computer. The new Mac will run OS 10.9 “Mavericks”, and costs from £2082.50 ex VAT (£2,499 including VAT).

Apple says it will ship the new computers in January. Apple’s previous Mac Pro has not been on sale in Europe since last winter, leaving power users waiting for a new pro solution.