Atomos releases new firmware for Samurai, Ronin and Ninja

Atomos Samurai Blade
Atomos Samurai Blade: new audio meters. Picture: Atomos

Atomos has updated the firmware for its video recorders, adding improved, multi-channel audio metering on screen.

The Samurai Blade now runs AtomOS 5.03, which adds monitoring for 14 channels of audio (two analogue, 12 digital). The update to version 4.2 of the software adds four channels of monitoring to the Ninja-2 and 14 to the Ronin and original Samurai. The meters can be set to run vertically or horizontally on screen.

Audio menus have also been updated and improved to support the new firmware.

The company has also issued an updater to its Connect software, for its HDMI/SDI adapters, to support Sony’s HDMI record triggering, as well as better RGB to YUV conversion.

Atomos has also announced it will bring out its own version of the Spyder screen calibration tool, specifically for setting up colour on the Samurai Blade.