Canon EOS-1D C gains EBU approval

Canon's EOS-1D C is now approved by the EBU for HD film making. Picture: Canon
Canon’s EOS-1D C is now approved by the EBU for HD film making. Picture: Canon

The European Broadcasting Union has given its technical approval for HD production to Canon’s flagship DSLR, the EOS-1D C.

The Canon has been approved for Tier 1 production – full HD – rather than for either the large-sensor camera classification, or the more limited HD production classificaitons for news and short-form production. Canon says this is the first DSLR to meet with full approval for EBU Tier 1. The only previous DSLRs to be fully tested by the EBU were Nikon’s D800 and D4, and these tests gave the cameras only qualified support.

The EOS-1D C was tested to the EBU standard Tech 3335, which helps broadcasters and video professionals classify camera equipment according to its suitability for different forms of programme making, as well as examining its image quality and practical ease of use.

The EBU tested the EOS-1DC in 1080p mode, and using 4K recording to downconvert for HDTV in post production. The testers did not test the camera’s 720p mode. Video at 1080p was viewed as “quite good” and downconverted 4K footage as having “exceptional detail” with low levels of aliasing. However, the EBU test found that the camera did not perform well in either of its S35 (Super35mm) recording modes; these modes might be used on production to match footage from S35 cameras, such as Canon’s own C300.

Overall, though, the EBU rated the Canon’s test results as “encouraging”, and it is likely that more productions will start to use the DSLR for HD broadcast as a result.