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GoPro 3Way mount

Not just for selfies: GoPro’s 3Way mount

POV camera maker GoPro brings out new mounts, housings, a monopod and even an adapter for anglers.

GoPro, the action camera maker, has announced a range of new mounts for its system.

The new mounts include the Sportsman, which is a clamping system that attaches to the back of a GoPro housing, the Gooseneck, which is a bendable, articulated mount which has a standard GoPro release mount at the bottom and connecting bolt on the top, and the Three Way.

GoPro has also produced a mic stand mount, and a new low-visibility housing, in black.

The Sportsman mount, which costs £69.99, is designed for connecting to vehicles, archers’ bows, guns and even fishing rods: in fact any tubular structure should accommodate the mount as long as it is between 10mm and 23mm in diameter.

The Gooseneck provides an eight-inch extension to existing quick release connectors, including GoPro clamps and suction cups. The company says it can also double as a hand grip. It costs £19.99.

Of most interest to film makers, though, is the 3Way. This is an extending arm and pole that can be used as a handgrip for a GoPro, to extend the camera’s reach, or as a tripod. The bottom section of the tripod detaches to form a small, table-top style tripod, but also acts as a tripod base for the Three Way as a whole, turning it into a freestanding monopod-style support.

Fully extended, the 3Way gives a GoPro user a 50cm reach, for point of view or piece to camera shots or, as GoPro puts it, selfies. The design of the pole means that someone filming a point of view piece can do so without the arm appearing in the shot.

Another neat design feature is the way the tripod stows inside the arm when it isn’t needed. The 3Way is priced at £69.99 in the UK.

The Blackout housing, which costs £49.99, is a waterproof, matte black version of the standard transparent GoPro housing, and works with the GoPro Hero3 and Hero3+ models; it is designed to attract less attention than the regular housing. All the new accessories are available now.