GoPro launches budget Hero+ LCD camera

the Hero+ LCD
New Hero: the Hero+ LCD has a built in touch screen. Image: GoPro.

GoPro has announced a new, budget action camera with a built in LCD screen, the Hero+ LCD.

The new camera can record video at 1080p60 and 720p60, as well as 8MP stills at five frames per second. This gives it a higher specification than the entry-level Hero camera, which is limited to 30fps filming and 5MP stills.

Also, whilst the Hero has no viewfinder, the Hero+ LCD has a built-in touchscreen, which serves both as a viewfinder and monitor, and as a control surface for the camera.

The Hero+ LCD lacks the 4K filming capabilities of the Hero4 Black Edition, and has a lower stills resolution, and a lower range of frame rates, than the LCD-equipped Hero4 Silver. However, the new camera will sell for £249, or $299, — the same price as a Hero3 — when it goes on sale later this month. A GoPro Hero4 Black costs $200 more.

The Hero+ LCD is compatible with most existing GoPro accessories, and is waterproof to 40m. The camera has an Auto Low Light mode, and Superview, which uses more of the sensor’s 4:3 image to capture more of the shot than from a standard, 16:9 crop.

Unlike most other GoPro models, though, the Hero+ LCD is permanently mounted into its housing, and cannot be removed, either to put it into a cage or other accessory, or to use the camera “naked”. GoPro says this is necessary to protect the LCD screen from impacts or from moisture, but it may make the new camera harder to mount on some custom filming rigs.

The Hero+ LCD goes on sale on June 7 in the USA and Canada, and GoPro site.

GoPro has also produced a promo video for the new camera:

YouTube Preview Image