IBC: Glensound’s GS-GC5/USB moves towards IP voice for broadcast

Glensound GC5 USB broadcast mixer
Glensound GC5 USB broadcast mixer. Picture: Glensound.

Glensound, the UK manufacturer of ISDN contribution boxes, commentator and outside broadcast units has launched a new contribution that works over IP – but with a difference.

Glensound is well known for its portable ISDN-based commentator and contributor units, as well as its cellular, HD Voice systems. But the company has held off a move towards IP-based voice codecs.

The new GS-GC5/USB, though, is a step in that direction, but with a significant difference. Rather than build an IP audio contribution unit, Glensound has created a version of the venerable GS-GC5, but replacing the ISDN card with a USB connection.

This turns the unit into a robust and reliable ISDN audio interface, the manufacturer claims.

Instead of building in the codec, users are free to pick their own software-based IP encoding system to run on a host PC. But the GS-GC5/USB also includes a full licence for Luci Live, the software-based audio over IP system. Luci Live supports a number of common codecs for audio over IP, including G.722 and AAC HE.

The unit comes with three XLR mic connections, as well as two headphone outputs for each user, one for high-impedence professional headphones or headsets, and a 3.5mm jack for consumer-style equipment.

The commentator box also has a built-in USB to ethernet adapter for fixed network connections for laptops that lack either an ethernet port, or a spare USB port for a converter.