NAB: JVC sets out 4K, Super35mm plans

JVC's prototype 4K, 35mm Elise camera system
JVC’s prototype 4K, 35mm Elise camera system. Picture: JVC.

JVC has set out plans for a far-reaching update of its camcorder range, announcing four planned video cameras, all based around Super35mm sensors, and offering 4K resolution.

JVC also announced that it is joining the Micro Four Thirds industry group, and it will release at least one new camcorder featuring an M43 lens mount.

JVC has already produced 4K cameras, including the compact GY-HMQ10, and the more unusual, GY-HMQ30, a Nikon lens mount 4K camera released only for the Japanese market.

The prototype cameras on show at NAB included the GY-LS9000, codenamed Elise, which is a full-sized, shoulder-mount camcorder with a PL lens mount, and the GY-HM300, which features the same Super35mm sensor, but with a Micro Four Thirds lens mount.

The Elise features rosettes and a built-in rails system which suggests, despite its shoulder-mount form factor, it is aimed more at the film and perhaps documentary markets than the ENG markets targeted by JVC’s recently-released shouldermount HD cameras, the GY-HM850 and GY-HM890. The camera will support UHD as well as “full” 4K. At this stage, though, JVC says that the Elise is still a concept model.

Micro Four Thirds support

The MTF-based GY-LSX2 — or as some European dealers are listing it, the GY-HM300 — is a smaller, hand-held camera, which is close to the earlier JY-HMQ30 in its design, albeit with the smaller, Micro Four Thirds lens mount rather than the 35mm Nikon mount on the earlier model. However, the GY-HM300 — now confirmed as the GY-LS300 — will feature a 4K, Super35mm sensor, instead of the 1.25-inch sensor on the JY-HMQ30, and the lens mount will be an active type.

The new cameras should also be able to record to a single memory card, or an external recorder, in 4K mode, rather than splitting the video footage across four SD cards, as on the GY-HMQ10.

JVC has also announced a two-piece 4K camera-recorder system, designed for applications such as use on a jib or crane, and a further variation that is already integrated into a gimbal system. At NAB this was shown on a quadracopter drone aircraft, a system designed in collaboration with Japanese broadcaster NHK. The mini-camera systems will also use the M43 lens system.

For more on JVC’s planned camcorders, see this video produced by camera dealer B&H, from the NAB show floor: