NAB: Red launches 8K full-frame camera

8K cameras

Red Weapon
8K upgrade: the Red Dragon Weapon will become an 8K, full-frame camera with an upgrade due later this year. Picture: Red
Red has announced an 8K digital cinema camera, in the form of an upgrade to its Red Weapon system.

The 8K camera films in Vista Vision, which is based around a full-frame, 40mm x 20mm sensor, filming in 8192 x 4320 pixels. The upgraded camera can record both RAW and ProRes at the same time, and has a maximum frame rate of 75fps.

Users cannot actually buy an 8K camera from Red right now, however: the higher resolution is in fact an upgrade to the existing Carbon Weapon camera, which records at an already very respectable 6K resolution.

Red is pricing the upgrade to 8K, for anyone ordering a Weapon with the upgrade at $10,000 during NAB.

When the 8K Weapon ships, the upgrade will be $20,000. Anyone ordering an 8K Weapon now will receive the 6K version when deliveries start in July, and the upgrade at the end of the year. Red also has an extensive range of upgrade prices for owners of their existing cameras, who want to move up to the Weapon.

The Red Weapon itself comes in several versions; Magnesium records at up to 60fps in ProRes, and the Carbon model, up to 120fps.

Red describes the Weapon as the smallest camera in the Red Dragon family, as well as the lightest. As well as the sensor upgrade option, Weapon adds features such as built-in wireless connections and even the ability to stream ProRes over a wired Ethernet connection.

The camera records in both R3D and ProRes, and Red says that the Weapon model has better low-light performance than other models. Most of the peripherals and accessories from other Red cameras will also work on the Weapon models, with the company promising further upgrades during the lifetime of the camera.

Red also announced at NAB 2015, that it is integrating Apple’s ProRes across its workflow, to speed up editing and post production.