Panasonic announces AG-AC30 single chip palmcorder

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Panasonic has gone against the trend of larger-sensor camcorders, and launched the AG-AC30, an HD palmcorder model based on a single 1/3.1-inch chip.

The AG-AC30 will be the company’s new entry-level professional camcorder. The new chip is slightly larger than the sensor on the AH-AC90, which the new model will replace. The new camcorder also features a 20x zoom, with 29.5mm wide angle coverage, and separate zoom, focus and iris controls. The camcorder also has XLR audio, and an integrated video light.

Panasonic has fitted the AG-AC30 with a five-axis optical image stabiliser and a new feature, called Level Shot, which corrects tilted images. The new camcorder is also better in low light than earlier models.

The camcorder has focus peaking, as well as expanded focus, and the XLR inputs are placed one at the front of the camera, and one to the rear.

The AG-AC30 has dual SD card slots, supporting relay recording as well as dual recording for instant backups. The camera features an HDMI out

Panasonic says that the new camera will go on sale in September, at around €1600. The company says that the new model is aimed primarily at event videographers, although it could also find uses in documentaries, and social event videos.