Panasonic’s GH4: this changes everything – again

4K cameras

The power of four?

But the real proof of the GH4’s potential will come only once the camera is being used, in larger numbers, in the field.

Early video clips suggest this is a high-quality camera, with plenty of features to keep video pros happy. Barring any, as yet undiscovered, flaws it is a game changer in price and performance.

It may not be the ideal camera for every job. It is not full frame, it is smaller than a DSLR (and so, even less likely to impress a client on set than a 5D).

But it is cheap enough for producers, directors, and directors of photography to buy and try out – and perhaps, start shooting 4K for the first time.

The GH4 could help us produce work that would be more expensive, or less practical, on other cameras. It does, of course, remain to be seen what Panasonic will now do with its ageing, AF101 pro camcorder – and how other manufacturers will respond to the GH4.


We will add links to GH4 images here – as well as links to our review of the camera.

If you have footage shot on the GH4 which you would like us to showcase, please do contact the editor.