Røde launches simplified Video Mic Go

On-camera audio

Røde Video Mic Go
Røde Video Mic Go: picture: Røde.

Røde, the company behind the popular Video Mic and Video Mic Pro mics for DSLRs, have developed a new, lighter and simpler mic design.

The new Video Mic Go weighs just 73 grammes, in part because it has no battery. Unlike the Video Mic Pro, which has an in-built preamp, the Go draws power from the camera or audio recorder.

This allows the manufacturer to simplify the design, removing buttons and switches for power and gain. But it also means that the mic needs a camera – or other recording device – that can provide Plug-in power, at 333uA at 2.5V. This is, though, relatively common, especially on consumer camcorders.

Røde claims a sensitivity of -35dB at 1kHz for the Video Mic Go, against 38dB for the Video Mic Pro.

The new mic is also one of a number of devices being designed in collaboration with Rycote, the British company best known for its windshields and mic accessories. The Video Mic Go uses a new lyre suspension from Rycote, to eliminate as much handling noise as possible. Røde has also updated its original Video Mic to use the Rycote-based lyre technology.

The Video Mic Go also has a removable, 3.5mm stereo cable rather than the fixed connectors of other Video Mics, making it easier to change or replace cables.

The Video Mic Go is expected to sell for $99 in the US.

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