Sachtler launches Ace camera rigs

DSLR rigs

Sachtler Ace Accessories rig
The Ace Accessories rig. Picture: Sachtler
Sachtler, the camera support company best known for its high end tripod systems, has developed a line of accessories for DSLR and smaller cinematic cameras.

Tripod maker develops range of add-ons aimed at DSLR users

The new range includes a base plate, matte box and follow focus. Based around industry-standard, 15mm rods the accessories are being marketed as Ace Accessories, to go with the company’s line of lower-cost tripods for smaller cameras.

The core of the system is the Ace baseplate, which can support a payload of up to 6kg, and is height-adjustable, to line the lens up with the matte box or follow focus. The baseplate fits a long quick release plate so the film maker can remove the camera from the rig easily.

The follow focus uses a drive gear to connect to the lens, and the drive direction can be set by the user, as can the hard stops. Two adjustable focus position markers are designed to make it easy to repeat focus pulls, without the need to mark the focus disc with a pen. The gearing on the follow focus is mod 0.8.

The third part of the Sachtler Ace system is the matte box, which comes with rod supports and two filter trays, one 4×4 and one 4×4.56. One filter stage can rotate; there are also screw fittings for accessories on the shade itself.

Sachtler will sell the Ace Accessories individually, or as a kit. The follow focus costs £450, the matte box £350 and baseplate £200. The company has also developed a shoulder rig, which will mount on to standard rails; this will go on sale this summer.

The system is aimed at film makers using DSLR and other lighter cameras, the company says, who want flexible and durable equipment. The Ace system sits between entry-level rig systems from China and India, but is priced competitively against higher-end systems from companies such as Zacuto.