Sony boosts 4K low end with new Handycam and Actioncam, and multi-cam control

4K cameras

4K Action Cam

Sony's X100V
4K action: Sony’s X100V POV camera. Image: Sony

Sony also announced the FDR-X1000VR, a highly portable action or point of view camera which also records in XAVC S at up to 100mbps, in ultra HD.

The FDR-X1000VR has a fixed, 170-degree angle of view lens, with an f2.8 aperture and a pair of microphones to the front for stereo sound recording. The sensor is of the same type as on the new Handycam, but unlike the FDR-AXP33, Sony’s specs suggest that the Action Cam is a world camera, with both PAL and NTSC framerates supported.

The new Action Cam also features a recording buffer, so the camcorder is always ready to shoot – and users don’t miss the start of action in the time it takes to press the shutter.

Multi-cam control

Sony has added an additional feature to the FDR-AXP33, multi-camera control. This allows one film maker to control not just the Handycam but also Action Cams and Sony’s smartphone add-on cameras, Cybershots, and even audio recorders, via a single app over WiFi.

The set up allows for up to five cameras to be controlled at once, and removes the problem of having to set up and use several smartphones or tablets to control more than one camera over WiFi on a multi-camera project.

Sony has not yet said whether this feature will be added to its pro camcorder line up, many of which also already support WiFi remote control. Sony has produced a YouTube video showing how the system works on its consumer camcorders.

YouTube Preview Image