Video review: Canon Legria Mini X

Handheld recorders

Putting the LEGRIA Mini X to the test

Recording with the LEGRIA Mini X, though, really has to be judged in two parts: audio and video.

To start with video, performance is rather average. Outdoor shots held detail well and were well exposed; there were no noticeable artefacts or moire on detailed shots, and the overall quality was pleasing enough, given the constraints of AVCHD.

In lower light, though, the camera struggled, especially in the shadows. We tested the LEGRIA Mini X under lighting conditions set up for the Panasonic GH4, but which is also suitable for a standard pro camcorder. Other cameras achieve better results, but to be fair, they do cost much more.

This is something to consider, though, for video blogging. There is no point in saving money on a camcorder, only to have to spend several times as much on powerful lights.

Outdoor shots held detail well and were well exposed

For the band set, with additional lighting, including effects lighting, the Canon did perform well.

The wide lens, though, does introduce significant and in some cases, severe distortion. Careful camera positioning can minimise this, but unless it is an effect you want, it can limit the recorder to operating in the narrower field of view mode. Software-based correction, such as that provided by GoPro on its desktop app, would help.

Canon also describes the narrower field of view as “close up” mode, and this is slightly confusing. In AVCHD mode, the wide angle is equivalent to 17.5mm on a 35mm sensor, but 43.7mm in close up. This is still slightly wide. Turn the image stabiliser off, and the focal length is 35mm: still wide, but a useful angel of view for a tripod mounted shot.

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