Video review: Canon Legria Mini X

Handheld recorders

Testing out the sound

Canon Legria Mini X's settings screen
Most of the Legria Mini X’s settings are visible on the flip up screen
Sound, though, is the LEGRIA Mini X’s strongest point. Music, dialogue and ambient sound were all captured cleanly and accurately in uncompressed PCM mode.

The recorder is not especially susceptible to handling noise, and the stereo mic gives a pleasant sound. Again, in our tests, the Canon performed best recording music. It would be fine, too, for a podcast or video blog recording in a quiet room.

For recording an interview, though, it could be hard to position the Canon close enough to the subjects to capture clean audio without obvious, and distracting, distortion in the video.

The way round this would be to use a pair of low-cost lavaliere mics, but with just one stereo socket, that is not really an option. As the mics are fixed, they can’t be adjusted to cover two speakers easily either.

Positioning the camera would be less of an issue for an audio recording, but that poses the question: why buy a video capable recorder, to record just sound? Given the good range of audio recorders in the £200/$300 range, the LEGRIA X demands a premium for the convenience of built-in audio recording.

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