Zoom moves into vision with Q4 video recorder

Audiophile camcorders

Zoom, the Japanese manufacturer of audio recorders such as the H4n and H6, has launched a full HD camcorder.

The new device, known as the Q4, records 1080p footage as an H.264 file. The camera has a fixed focal length, 130-degree angle lens, with a widest aperture of f2.8. The camera uses a camcorder-style flip-out screen for composition, but this can be removed to reduce the camera’s size, and to increase its battery life. Zoom claims that recording 1080p at 30fps is possible for up to two hours, from the built-in rechargeable battery.

The camera lens is of the fixed-focus type, with sharpness from 55cm to infinity, recording to a 1/3 inch sensor.


Zoom Q4 camcorder
The Q4 camcorder boasts audiophile level sound recording. Picture: Zoom.
href=”https://www.zoom-na.com/products/field-video-recording/video-recording/zoom-q4-handy-video-recorder/applications#news-making” title=”Zoom Q4 site” target=”_blank”>Q4 comes with an HDMI output, a USB output capable of streaming and connecting to software, from Ustream to Skype, with recording to SDXC cards.

What sets the Q4 apart from other cameras in its class, though, is its audio feature set. The camera can record either WAV or MP3 audio files, at up to 96kHz and 24 bit, well in excess of a standard camcorder.

The Q4 has a 1/8-inch jack for connecting external mics, and a headphone socket, but it also has a built-in XY stereo mic. This folds back into the camera when not in use. The Q4 can also act as a USB microphone. The mic can be set manually, at three levels, with an LED to indicate peaking.

Zoom supplies the Q4 with a windshield, but the camera also has a different approach to mounting, with both a tripod bush and an attachment for action-cam style mounts. Zoom sells a guitar mount, a mic-stand mount and also a water-resistant cover for the Q4.

The Q4 is now on sale in the US, at a list price of $379, and a street price around $299.