Atomos and Convergent Design cut 4K recorder costs

4K recorders

Odyssey 7Q+ on Sony FS700
Discounted: the Odyssey 7Q+ and Atomos Ninja Assassin and Shogun are on sale

External recorder makers Convergent Design and Atomos have both cut the prices of their 4K field monitors and recorders.

Atomos is promoting its Ninja Assassin recorder as offering “4K under $1K”, with the recorder’s price cut to $995 excluding tax. The UK price is £699 ex VAT and the Eurozone price €995 before tax.

The more fully featured Atomos Shogun sees a price drop of $500, to $1495 excluding tax, or £1099 in the UK. Atomos is also offering the Ninja Star HD recorder with a 64GB CFast card included in the price.

The Ninja Assassin is capable of 10 bit, 4K recording from suitable cameras and also includes full audio monitoring, making it a useful add-on for cameras, such as Sony’s upcoming A6300, which lack a headphone output.

The Atomos Shogun can record RAW, Apple ProRes, and Avid DNxHR as well as HD signals up to 120fps, but also features 12G SDI, and a range of professional inputs and outputs, including XLR audio and timecode.

Discounted Odyssey

Convergent Design, meanwhile, is offering a “limited time” deal on its Odyssey 7Q+ field recorder.

The deal includes $500 off the regular price, and bundles a 256GB Convergent Design SSD drive with the recorder.

The 7Q+ provides both SDI and HDMI inputs and outputs, as well as timecode and auto connections. Like the Atomos products, the Odyssey can record up to 4K, 60fps, and with the latest firmware offers features such as multistream monitoring.

The Odyssey has 6G SDI connections, and users can add RAW recording via a paid software upgrade. The device offers two-camera, multi-stream monitoring, with a paid upgrade to dual 4K or four-camera HD recording and monitoring, The upgrade, known as the Apollo Option, allows the 7Q+ to operate as a vision mixer as well as field recorder.

Neither Atomos nor Convergent Design state when their promotional offers will end, but the pricing is available through resellers now.