Atomos issues new firmware upgrades

External recorders

Atomos Ninja Blade D Tap power screen
D Tap ready: the Atomos Ninja 2 and Ninja Blade now show power status with D Tap power
Atomos has issued upgrades to both its Atomos 5 OS, found in its Ninja Blade model, and to the Atomos 4 OS for the Ninja 2 recorder.

The Atomos 4.22 release provides faster and more accurate 3:2 pulldown, according to Atomos, and new battery read outs. This includes a reading for D-Tap power modes, as well as an indicator that shows when the recorder is running on mains power.

The release also fixes some pull-down issues on the Canon C100, which will improve compatibility with the Super35mm camera; external recorders have proven popular with the C100, as it records to AVCHD internally, and uses a 50i wrapper for progressive footage.

Atomos has also added record stop/start triggers for all HDMI cameras. On cameras that support timecode over HDMI, users can also set timecode detection and recording.

Atomos 5 updates

The Atomos 5 update, to version 5.11, builds on features such as Rec 709 and C-log adjustments provided with version 5. The Ninja Blade update mirrors the improvements to Atomos 4, with HDMI stop/start triggers, timecode settings, and improvements to the operation of pulldown.

At the moment, the 5.11 software release is only available for the Ninja Blade but Atomos says it will be released shortly for the Samurai Blade model.

Details of firmware releases are on the Atomos support website.