Audio recording with the Nikon D800

Recording sound in a noisy environment is not really a problem, but using an external mic with the D800 produces a significant hiss. This could be pre-amp noise, or feedback from the internal circuits; some commentators have suggested that the audio inputs are wired in reverse (we have not been able to check that, as yet).

The clip below, though, shows the Nikon’s internal mics, set against a Nikon ME-1, Rode NTG-2 and Sony ECM 55, all connected directly via XLR to minijack cables. The audio has not been manipulated or changed at all, other than compression by Vimeo, and reducing the levels on the ECM 55 voice sample slightly. Audio was set to level 14 (out of 20) on the camera.

The control mic is an Audio Technica AT3035 connected directly to a Tascam DR-100. Details of all the audio kit used are in the previous articles on audio recording techniques.

D800 audio test from Stephen Pritchard on Vimeo.

Feedback on this test, and any readers’ own experiences, would be most welcome.