Audio test: Nikon D610 DSLR

DSLR audio

The NIkon D610 and ME-1 mic.
The Nikon D610 and ME-1 mic. Picture: Audio Video Pro.

Nikon’s D610 DSLR is the company’s updated, entry-level full frame DSLR. The D610 provides a 24-megapixel, 35mm sensor and 1080p video at up to 30fps.

But for film making, a camera is often only as good as its audio capabilities. The D610 records uncompressed, PCM audio ut that is, of course, only part of the story.

Following on from our audio test of the Nikon D800, we tested the D610 in studio conditions with a range of microphones:

  • The D610’s internal microphone
  • The Nikon ME-1 short shotgun mic
  • The Sony ECM-66 lavaliere mic
  • The Røde NTG-2 shotgun microphone
  • The Røde Video Mic Pro

The footage below contains uncorrected audio from the camera, as well as “control” audio from a Røde NTG-1 connected to a Sony PMW-100 camcorder. The audio has been converted from PCM WAV to AAC for loading to Vimeo.

For sample video from the D610, see our short video test film, and check back here for our full review of the camera.


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