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Movidiam co-founder George Olver
Movidiam co-founder George Olver

Movidiam is a company which, its founders say, will transform the business of making films.

George Olver founded the service with his business partner Alex Vero, to tackle some of the day-to-day practical problems in the business of film making.

Movidiam sets out to bring together creative talent for projects, allows film makers and craft technicians to showcase their work, and has both built-in project management and – still under development — payment systems.

Creating and sharing

Crucially, creators can use Movidiam as a platform for sharing work with clients, and to manage revisions and edits.

The service is neither a social network, nor a video hosting site, though it has elements of both.

Rather, Olver and Vero built the tool to streamline the administration of their own film making business, Pendragon Productions. This, Olver says, has worked.

One area where the service makes life a lot easier is finding, and pulling together, the right team for a production. In corporate video – a market Olver values at $38bn annually – most films are made by freelancers, or small agencies and production companies.

These companies, in turn, need to find collaborators and co-workers for each project, potentially anywhere in the world, and inevitably at short notice.

The networking part of the tool brings film makers to the site and helps them find work. But the real savings, in cost and time, come from the project management elements. This includes tools for managing what is delivered and when, and also to track budgets.

Video interview: part 1

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