NAB: Avid updates Pro Tools

Avid's Pro Tools
Avid’s Pro Tools is now 64 bit. Picture: Avid.

Avid has brought out a significant technology update to Pro Tools, its audio editing software.

Version 11 of the application has been rewritten so it is based around a 64-bit architecture. This will improve performance and, the software company says, allow sound editors to work with more tracks and more effects.

Video editors will be able to work with HD footage directly in Pro Tools, including MXF HD, and Avid DNxHD. Monitoring latency has been improved and users can now “bounce” or output finished recordings to disk in faster than real time, but still preserve features such as mix automation.
Avid’s new audio engine claims to give significant performance boosts without forcing editors to upgrade their computer hardware.

The higher-end HD version of the software also includes new monitoring options, and also see how plug-ins affect gain.

Pro Tools 11 will cost £459 as a standalone application, with upgrades from £199.
Avid has also released two new audio interfaces, the Fasttrack Solo and Fasttrack Duo.

Both interfaces are USB powered and come with Pro Tools SE software, which can exchange files with Pro Tools and Pro Tools HD. The interfaces are also the first Avid-branded hardware to connect directly to iOS devices.

The Solo is £139 and the four-input Duo £239.