Blackmagic Design launches URSA Mini Pro camcorder

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Blackmagic Design URSA Mini Pro side view
New model: the URSA Mini Pro with new lens mount, ND and recording options

Blackmagic Design is making a new version of its URSA Mini camcorder, the URSA Mini Pro.

The new camera boasts an updated design, focusing on broadcast and ENG-style ergonomics, and built-in ND filters.

The new camcorder has a revised recording system. This adds ProRes recording to SD cards to the existing CFast card support. The camera is sold with an EF lens mount. But users can order any additional mounts they want including PL and B4. A Nikon mount is due soon. Camcorder owners can change mounts in the field.

The URSA Mini Pro keeps the 4.6K sensor available on the higher-end Ursa Mini camera. Blackmagic Design claims that the sensor is capable of 15 stops of dynamic range.

The new recording options give film makers a built-in alternative to CFast cards, which remain expensive. The Ursa Mini Pro records 4K ProRes on SD cards, or RAW in HD. The camera also supports relay recording. Framerates on the URSA Mini Pro are up to 60fps.

Built-in filters

Blackmagic has added neutral-density (ND) filters — a much-requested feature by film makers — to the URSA Mini Pro. This is the first time Blackmagic Design has included NDs in its cameras. The filter has four settings: clear, two stops, four stops and six stops. The filters, the manufacturer says, are matched to the camera’s colour science.

Broadcasters should also find the control layout on the new camera to be an improvement on the original URSA models. Far more of the cameras settings can now be controlled from buttons on the camera itself, rather than via the flip-out screen.

Blackmagic has, though, kept the URSA Mini’s modular design, with the optional viewfinder, shouldermount kit, and interchangeable battery packs. The camcorder has built–in XLR inputs and 12G SDI support, as well as a 4-pin industry standard power connection.

The URSA Mini Pro comes with a full copy of DaVinci Resolve Studio, and the body-only price is US$5995 or £4919, before tax. BlackMagic has also announced Linux support for Resolve and Resolve Studio.