Canon brings DAF to C300 and remote control to Cinema EOS

Dual-pixel CMOS AF

Canon RC-V100 controller
Remote cine camera: Canon’s RC-V100 can control the C100 and C300, as well as XF300 and XF305. Picture: Canon.

Canon has announced a series of updates to its Cinema EOS cameras, as well as a professional, wired remote control for its Cinema EOS and XF series camcorders.

Chief among the updates is the addition of dual-pixel autofocus, or DAF, to the Cinema EOS C300. The upgrade, which is a paid-for firmware update, brings the C300 in line with the smaller C100 in using the new autofocus technology.

Dual-pixel CMOS AF is a Canon technology first brought to the 70D DSLR. The development overcomes some of the inherent limitations of the contrast-detection AF system used in most cameras’ live-view mode. But it also brings in new functions: on the 70D, videographers can use the camera’s touch screen to select AF focus points, and even create a virtual rack focus effect by moving a finger across the screen.

The DAF upgrade for the C300 will mean taking the camera to an authorised service centre, and the update is expected to cost £340 or €400 when it is available, from May.

The C100 is being updated, also via firmware, to support continuous recording. This allows film makers to record long takes. Currently, a 64GB card will give five hours, 55 minutes’ recording at maximum quality.

The C100 already supports relay recording, swapping over to a second card when the first is full. But continuous recording will create a single file from multiple cards, provided the footage is edited in compatible software. The first package to support the C100’s new mode is Grass Valley’s Edius.

Event producers will also be able to use Canon’s new RC-V100 controller to run Cinema EOS cameras, as well as EF and Cinema lenses, remotely.

The unit, Canon says, supports any built-in menu item on the camera. The controller can also support functions set by the user on the camera’s custom buttons. The controller will work with the XF300-series camcorder, the EOS C100, EOS C300 and the EOS C500. The RC-V100 can control focus, iris, zoom – on a camera with compatible lens – and white balance, as well as more specialist functions.

The RC-V100 controller will go on sale in June at a suggested price of £2799, and will require a free firmware update to compatible cameras.