Canon launches CN7x17 KAS S Cinema EOS cine-servo lens

Cinematic lenses

Canon CN7x17 KAS S lens
Canon’s CN7x17 KAS S Cinema EOS cine-servo lens for Super35mm cameras. Picture: Canon
Canon is boosting its range of optics aimed at its Cinema EOS range of Super35mm camcorders, with its first servo-driven zoom lens in the format.

The new CN7x17 KAS S lens comes in two versions, Canon’s own EF mount, or the industry-standard PL mounting system. The lens is designed for the Canon Cinema EOS camcorder range, the C100, C300 and C500. Film makers and broadcasters shooting 4K on the C500 in particular will benefit from the lens’ 4K resolution.

The lens provides 7x magnification at 4K resolutions, and a useful focal length range of 17-120mm, and T2.95 minimum brightness.

The new lens, Canon says, will provide more conventional broadcast ergonomics to the Super35mm camera category, with a servo drive unit, housed in an ENG-style handgrip.

The unit should improve stability and ease of use or handheld shooting, as well as removing some of the practical limitations of cine-style lenses for documentary and other fast-moving filming work, especially for TV. The zoom range should also remove the need to switch lenses, as well as benefit single operators.

The servo unit gives control over zoom, iris and focus and also supports virtual studio use. The EF version of the lens uses Canon’s own control system, and the PL version, /i Technology from Cooke.

The servo unit can also be removed from the lens, allowing the glass to be used with third-party follow focus systems and matte boxes for when a more cinematic shooting style is in order.

The new lens will go on style this July, although it will not be cheap: Canon is suggesting a price of £22,000 for the glass.

Canon also announced a new 18x ENG zoom, the HJ18ex7.6B IRSE /IASE. This is an upgraded zoom lens for 2/3 inch TV cameras, with a focal length of 7.6-137mm.