Canon launches ME200S-SH mini Cinema EOS camera

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Canon ME200S-SH camera
Small EOS: the ME200S-SH is designed to work alongside the C100 and C300 cine camcorders.

Canon has announced a new, small video camera, the ME200S-SH, aimed at applications such as wildlife and natural history video, as well as scientific research.

The Canon ME200S-SH is an HD video camera with an 8.9 megapixel sensor and frame rates at up to 50p and 59.94p. The cube-shaped camera has HDMI and SDI outputs, and boasts an ISO range of 320-204,800.

The design of the new camera is similar to the ME20F-SH, announced last year and with a maximum ISO of 4,560,000, or +75dB of gain.

The ME200S-SH has slightly more modest specifications, and also hopefully a lower price tag than the $20,000 ME20F-SH. However, in some respects the new camera is aimed at similar markets, including wildlife and natural history, and scientific research.

The ME200S-SH is, despite the EOS tag, is a camera head rather than a camcorder; it will need to be coupled with a third party recorder, or feed its footage into a vision mixer or uplink. The camera lacks a viewfinder, but as it has both HDMI and SDI out, it should be fairly easy to connect it either to a monitor/recorder, or an EVF.

The new camera also has multiple connections for remote controls – for operating at a distance or on a jib or other grip. It includes a stereo mini jack for audio, but no headphone socket.

The camera uses an EF mount with Cinema Lock, features ND filters, and a gunlock in, and power is via a 4-pin XLR. It also supports the company’s dual-pixel AF system.

Canon has also included a wide dynamic range mode, and Canon Log, for compatibility with the EOS C100 Mark II and C300 Mark II cameras. The new camera should be available this summer, at an expected cost of US$5,000.