Convergent Design brings ProRes 4K to Odyssey7Q

4K recording

Odyssey 7Q
ProRes support: now added in 4K to the Odyssey 7Q
Convergent Design, the maker of external video recorders, has added ProRes support to its Odyssey7Q field monitor and recorder.

The Odyssey7Q already supports 4K RAW recording from Sony’s FS700, if the camera has been upgraded to support external 4K recording, and from the Canon C500.

For owners of a 7Q and these cameras, this is free of charge as part of the September firmware update, rather than a paid-for option on the lines of the RAW recording feature. The update will simply add a ProRes recording mode to the menu options. Convergent Design says that two 512GB solid state drives will give 194 minutes’ recording time at 24p in ProRes, far more than in RAW.

More interesting, perhaps, is the way the upgrade widens the Odyssey 7Q’s 4K support to cameras that do not output RAW. ProRes 422 support allows the recorder to function directly with cameras such as Sony’s F55 and especially, the Panasonic GH4. The 7Q supports recording both in “true” cinema 4K, and UHD modes.

The upgrade also allows the Odyssey7Q to act as a video analysis tool, with the ability to zoom in on a 4K image on a pixel-by-pixel basis. This lets the device work as a 7-inch window on a virtual 28-inch screen, and should be especially useful for checking focus.

The 7Q can also convert Log inputs from cameras using look-up tables (LUTs) on both its internal screen, and its external video output, giving clients and talent a preview of the finished video, whilst still on set.

Convergent Design’s August firmware update added higher frame rate recording at 1080p in ProRes, with support for 1080p50.

The firmware can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.