Convergent Design launches Apollo portable camera switcher

Field monitors

Convergent Design Apollo
Four angles: the Convergent Design Apollo is a field vision mixer, recorder and monitor.

Convergent Design has announced the release of a four-channel, HD video switcher and recorder, the Apollo.

The Apollo is based around the same 7.7-inch display as the Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+ video monitors and recorders. However, rather than being marketed simply as an upgrade to the Odyssey, the Apollo is being marketed as a separate device.

The upgraded recorder supports four HD input signals over SDI, or three SDI and one HDMI input. The screen displays all four inputs as a quad view, so the Apollo can be used on set as a multi-camera monitor.

But the Apollo can also record all four channels and one quad view, for reference purposes, or a “live switch” channel. This allows directors to use the Apollo as a portable vision mixer, which also captures each individual ISO channel for later editing.

Inputs are up to 1080p25 or 1080p30, with recording in ProRes HQ, 422 and LT. The recorder can output either individual files, or a multi-camera Quicktime file for simpler editing. Recording itself is to two SSD drives, which can be spanned for longer recording times. The Apollo also has two SDI and one HDMI output for hooking up larger monitors.

According to Convergent Design, new features will also be added to the Apollo in 2016. These include DNxHD recording, dual-channel recording in $K/UHD video formats, and the ability to connect up and cascade up to three Apollos for larger productions. The company will also offer a remote keypad for switcher control, and rack mounting hardware.

The new recorder will cost $3995, with an Apollo Option upgrade for the Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+ priced at $1795.

The launch of the new model comes after Convergent Design announced in September that it will provide dual stream monitoring and recording for the Odyssey 7Q and 7Q+. Dual Stream Monitoring – where the Odyssey displays two camera channels but records just one – is free with the latest firmware update. Dual Stream Recording is included free with the Odyssey Raw Bundle; the bundle is priced at $999, or $99 a day.