Edelkrone Motor Control Kit powers up its sliders

Edelkrone's Motion Control Kit with a Canon DSLR
Edelkrone’s Motion Control Kit with a Canon DSLR. Picture: Edelkrone
Edelkrone, the manufacturer of sliders, follow focus and other film-making accessories, has added a both a motor kit and a tracking module for its sliders.

Powered sliders

The company, which has gained ground by producing well-priced accessories for DSLR users, has designed the add-ons for its larger, SliderPLUS v2 model. The two powering options connect to the ends of the slider, and can be powered with a range of camera batteries, including Canon, Panasonic, and Sony units.

The Wizard motion control unit motorises the company’s existing slider. But, rather than rely on operator programming for tracking parameters, the motor kit has an electronic memory to record camera movement. The film maker pushes the camera for the required distance and at the right speed, and the powering unit can then repeat the exact movement based on its memory settings.

The Target module works in a similar way, and can capture a range of curved shots, without the need for either curved tracks, or curve calculation tables. Edelkrone claims that the subject can be anywhere along the track – it need not be in the centre – and the device will work out what to lock on to.

The Wizard unit weighs 0.8kg, and the target module and its side module 1.3kg combined, and can carry a camera of up to 3.6kg. Edelkrone says the battery life of the units is up to eight hours.

Updated: The Wizard unit sells for $599, the target unit for $799, and the two combined now cosets $1199. The SliderPLUS v2 starts at $499.99 for the smallest unit.

The Motion Control Kit is expected to go on sale in January.

Edelkrone has produced a video demo of the motorised slider and Target module here: