Apple updates Final Cut Pro – again

Multi-view editing is updated in Final Cut Pro X.
Multi-view editing is updated in Final Cut Pro X. Picture: Apple.

Apple has released a further update of its pro video editing software, Final Cut Pro X.

The Mac NLE application is now on version 10.0.8, continuing Apple’s policy of incremental – and free – updates.

The headline update for FCPX is support for advanced, pro video formats. These include ProRes Log C, used by Arri’s Alexa camera, and XAVC. XAVC is the new, 4K video format developed by Sony for its F5 and F55 cinematic camcorders.

Final Cut X will either work natively on XAVC files, or convert them to ProRes.

Editors can work on Alexa ProRes Log C files on a standard Mac system, and then export the edits from Final Cut Pro as an XML file, so colourists or effects editors can then work on the full ProRes clips.

Further camera support comes by way of a plug in for Red files, and third-party plug-ins for the MXF files used by Sony and Canon broadcast camcorders. Apple has also streamlined the import window, since version 10.0.6, with a single window that can view footage on cameras, drives and networks. The sharing window has also been updated with some new export options and better export management.

Editors now have access to multiple viewes on demand, making it easier to compare shots; scopes can be turned on or off in each viewer.

But perhaps the most significant improvement, for day to day editing of factual material, is the change to audio editing. FCP X now has improved multi-channel audio editing, and the audio editing display can be turned on or off with a keystroke.

Final Cut Pro 10.0.8 is now available as an update in the Mac App Store. Apple has updated its feature list for FCP X, to reflect the new version.