Glensound develops CUB broadcast smartphone audio interface

Remote reporting

Glensound Cub smartphone interface
iPhone reporter interface: the Glensound Cub. Picture: Glensound.
Glensound, the UK company best known for its ISDN and OB contribution units, has added two new devices that offer broadcast-quality connections for tablets and smartphones.

The GS-GC5T/USB, which is being launched at BVE, provides connections for four contributors or commentators to a tablet computer. The interface docks with an iPad or other tablet running IP codec software, such as Luci Live. The unit provides four mic inputs and four headphone outputs, each with their own controls.

The GS-GC5T/USB also includes a USB to Ethernet adapter built in, so that the interface can connect directly to a wired network, rather than relying on wireless. Power options include an internal battery, or mains power.

The Glensound CUB is a two input, two output “reporters’ interface” interface again aimed at users of IP codec software, or IP-based VoIP applications. A type A USB interface connects the smartphone to the CUB, whilst a type B interface is provided too. The smartphone itself is held in place by what Glensound terms a “magic pad”.

The CUB has two XLR input ports, switchable between mic and line, and two output or monitoring ports on TRS jacks. LEDs at as level indicators, and a mixer section allows the user to select which input is routed to the smartphone. Power is by way of four AA batteries, or an external adapter.

Glensound suggests that the CUB can be used for remote contributions or reporting, and also as a recording interface. The device itself is built to be robust enough to handle rough treatment in the field.

The move to produce smartphone interfaces comes after the company introduced a USB-based interface for computers, again running IP codec software, as a replacement for ISDN hardware. That unit, the GS-GC5/USB, could also be used with services such as IP DTL or even Google+ Hangouts.