IK Multimedia launches iRig Mic Field and iRig Recorder 2


iRig Mic Field
Clip on condenser: the iRig Mic Field
IK Multimedia has started to ship the iRig Mic Field, a clip on condenser mic for Lightning-equipped Apple devices.

The iRig Mic Field is a stereo, electret condenser with a cardioid pattern, which supports recording at 24 bits and both 44.1kHz and 48KHz.

The mic unit itself is a fairly small, square unit with a power-on light (which effectively doubles as a tally light) and also a 3.5mm headphone jack for monitoring sound.

The iRig Mic Field is designed for both audio and video recording, and to help with this, the Lightning connector rotates through 90 degrees. This allows sound recordists to put the mic in the best position for capturing audio, pointing upwards from the phone in the style of a conventional reporter’s field recorder. But video producers and mobile journalists can turn it horizontally for video recording.

The iRig Mic Field draws its power from the iPhone or iPad, and has a maximum sound pressure level of 115dB. The mic provides up to 48dB of gain, through what iRig say is a low-noise pre-amp.

The iRig Mic Field works with all the main iOS audio and video apps, including Voice Memo, Camera, GarageBand and iMovie. But IK Multimedia has also updated its own sound recording app, iRig Recorder 2.

The new software is available either in a free version, which comes with the mic, or a paid-for edition which costs $7.99 or €6.99 and adds features such as sound editing and audio effects. The new interface also has an improved interface for iPad users.

The iRig Mic Field costs $99.99 or €79.99, excluding taxes.