Video Interview: Nideo’s Roy Kimani

Is there room in the market for another video hosting service? Nideo thinks it can differentiate itself, by appealing to business users. co-founder Roy Kimani makes the case to Audio Video Pro’s Stephen Pritchard.


Nideo is a new video service aimed at squarely business users. The service, according to its founders, aims to fill the gap between consumer video sites such as YouTube, or the creator-focused Vimeo, or more technical options such as dedicated video hosting, or running media server software.

With a “freemium” model – 1GB of video storage (per month) is free, then paid-form plans go up from 10GB to 120GB of data storage – Nideo’s pricing does work out to be more costly than services such as Vimeo Plus or Videopress, the video option from WordPress, the blogging company.

But, argues Nideo co-founder Roy Kimani, this model allows Nideo to avoid the need to run adverts. These can be both distracting for viewers, and potentially damaging for brands, especially if competitors’ ads are shown alongside their content. Nor does Nideo claim any rights over its subscribers’ content.

The focus, rather, is on providing a video platform for businesses and other organisations that want to control their video, and how it is presented online.

Although Nideo has some social media functions, such as allowing viewers to “appreciate” a clip, and more social media integration is planned, the founders’ assumption is that companies will use Nideo as a hosting and streaming service alongside their own websites. In that respect, it is a cheaper – and simpler – alternative to using high-end professional video hosting services such as Brightcove, or running a media server in the datacentre.

In this interview Nideo co-founder co-founder and CEO Roy Kimani looks at these points in more depth, and also suggests ways businesses can make video work for them.

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