Pros wanted: join our Readers’ Panel

Reader's Panel

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As part of the plans to develop this site we are looking for professionals working with audio or visual media to join our Readers’ Panel.

Panel members can be video journalists, directors, film makers, sound recordist or producers from any walk of life: broadcast, print or web media, PR, public sector, education or production companies.

Initially we are looking for 5-6 people in the UK although there’s a plan to add international readers soon.

What do we need to do?

In the first instance a willingness to give feedback and criticism of the site, by email or phone. We want to hear how the site could work better for you.

What do you offer?

Sadly not cash! But there’s the chance to help shape the site, suggest ideas and be the first to hear of our plans.

We hope to invite panellists to take part in gear tests or video reviews, and to take part in sessions with manufacturers and distributors to give them feedback and to gain early access to new kit.

Hopefully there will also be a chance to arrange meet ups – at industry events or just informally – as a way of saying thank you.

If you are interested, drop us an email, or write (by post!) via the address on the Contacts page, and tell us a bit about yourself and, briefly, why you want to take part.

There is no specific deadline, as we’re always open to new ideas, but we hope to pick the first panel members in this summer.

Stephen Pritchard