JVC brings live streaming to GY-HM650 camcorder

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 JVC's streaming-ready GY-HM650 camcorder
JVC’s streaming-ready GY-HM650 camcorder. Picture: JVC
JVC is updating its GY-HM650 news camcorder to support simultaneous live streaming and memory card recording. This is in addition to the camcorder’s existing support for filing clips to stations via FTP.

The GY-HM650 is a three-chip, 1/3” CMOS camcorder, which can record in Quicktime (.mov), Sony XDCAM EX compatible MP4 and MXF files, or AVCHD. The camera has a dual codec, allowing, for example, one recording at full HD for broadcast and a lower-resolution version for web use.

JVC’s Version 2.0 update, which will be available for GY-HM650 owners from May, adds live transmission of video over a wifi connection, by conncting the camera directly to a wifi (or even a 3G or 4G) dongle, or USB ethernet connector. Users can select a full HD 1080p stream at either 3Mbps or 5Mpbs, 720p at 3Mbps or 1.5Mbps, or a standard definition stream at 0.8Mbps (480i for the US, NTSC market).

The manufacturer has added some other features to the camera’s firmware to make better use of its live transmission and wifi connections, including support for background transfers over FTP, and a basic clip trimmer, allowing camera operators to transmit only the best part of a take.

The camera also has some new recording modes: as well as its quarter HD, 480×270 H.264, there will be support for 960×540 and improved lower bitrate modes for AVCHD. JVC has also added secure FTP (SFTP) transfer, and tweaks to its smartphone, tablet and PC remote control.

Other features of the GY-HM650 include a wide dynamic range, of F11, and a 23x zoom. The camera is approved by the EBU for HD news production and was recently ordered by the BBC.