JVC launches GY-HM170 and GY-HM200 handheld 4K camcorders

JVC's GY-HM200
JVC’s GY-HM200 records 4K and streams HD. Picture: JVC

JVC has announced two, further 4K handheld camcorders, alongside the Super35mm, GY-LS300.

The GY-HM170 and GY-HM200 are based around the same chassis and chip set. The cameras follow conventional, small camcorder design with a viewfinder to the rear and a swing-out LCD screen. The GY-HM200 features a removable accessory handle, with a mount for a top mic, and dual XLR inputs.

Both camcorders are based around a backside-illuminated 1/2.3-inch chip, in line with the imaging unit fitted to other 4K cameras, such as Sony’s Z100 (reviewed here). Unlike the Sony camera, however, the JVC models are limited to UHD/QFHD, at 3840×2160 pixels, rather than Cine 4K.

The new JVC camcorders, though, record to low-cost SD card media, in MPEG-4/h.264 for 4K and HD, and AVCHD for HD and SD. In HD mode, the cameras record 4:2:2 at up to 50mbps; in 4K bitrates are up to 150mbps. Both cameras have ND filters with two settings, and a lens that runs from f1.2 to f3.5 at the telephoto end, with a 35mm field of view equivalent of 29.5mm to 354mm.

Aside from the removable mic adapter and handle unit, the main differences between the two camcorders are in the outputs, and streaming abilities, of the GY-HM200. The higher-specification camcorder adds a 3G-SDI output for professional streaming applications in HD; both camcorders can output 4K UHD over the HDMI port.

In addition, though, the GY-HM200, like the GY-LS300, adds the streaming features that are now common across most of JVC’s range, including support for USTREAM, Wowza and Xixi, as well as allowing for IP-based control of the camera over WiFi. Both camcorders also support wired remote controls over a 2.5mm jack. The GY-HM200 also supports dual codec recording, allowing the camcorder to record a full HD image internally, whilst outputting a lower-resolution stream for broadcast or for live online viewing.

JVC says it will confirm price and availability for the two new camcorders shortly.