JVC releases new pro video monitors

Production monitors

JVC DT-N17F1 pro monitor
In view: JVC’s new DT-N17 is kitted out for field use
JVC has updated its range of professional video monitors, with three Cinema 2K models.

The new DT-N screens range from 17.3 inches to 23.8 inches, with a signal support for 2048x1080p, and 16.7m colours. The actual panels themselves sport a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels.

Each screen has SDI inputs supporting 3G, HD and SD modes as well as 2K-SDI, and both A and B modes. This means that the DT-N screens should be able to support almost any professional video deck, vision mixer or camera with SDI. The screens also feature HDMI, and a VGA input for PCs.

The new monitors should fit easily into edit suits and OB vans, but JVC has also designed the screens with a set of features aimed at camera operators and directors, as well as kitting them out for field use.

Each of the three screens support waveform monitoring, vector scopes, and histograms. The screens also provide zebras and focus peaking, making them a good choice for monitoring cameras which lack those features on their own viewfinders or LCD screens.

The DT-N monitors also include stands, and a V-mount battery holder for powering away from the mains. The 17″ model, the DT-17F, comes with a 19″ rack mounting kit, and there is an optional mounting kit for the larger screens. The monitors are set to the REC 709 colour profile.

JVC has not yet announced prices for the new screens.