NAB: G-Technology G-DRIVE boosts Thunderbolt drives

G-Technology's G-TECH ev drive
G-Technology’s G-TECH ev drive connects multiple drive units via Thunderbolt. Picture: G-Technology.

Computer storage maker G-Technology has added a range of high-speed Thunderbolt drives it claims can keep up with 4K video workflows.

The G-DRIVE PRO comes in either a 4TB or 2TB version; one hour of 2K video takes up about one terabyte of data. The drives deliver a sustained data transfer rate of 480MB/second, the company says.

The G-DRIVE PRO units are relatively compact, and are based around single 3.5 inch disk technology rather than multi-drive, RAID systems. The drives come with multiple Thunderbolt ports, for daisy-chaining other drives or devices.

At NAB, the company also announced a modular system, G-DOCK ev. This is an external, two-bay system with hot-swappable drives, that connects to the host computer via Thunderbolt.

The 1TB drive units can also be used as standalone USB 3.0 drives away from the host, Thunderbolt cage. The dock also has a second Thunderbolt port for daisy chaining peripherals.

The drive modules come in two versionsl G-DRIVE ev and ev PLUS. The ev model has a transfer rate up to 136MB/second, and the ev PLUS, 250MB/second.

UK prices for the ev range start at £599 for the dock and two, 1TB modules, and $749.95 in the US. The 2TB G-DRIVE PRO costs £554.95 or $699.95 in the US.