NAB: Sony launches PMW-400 broadcast camcorder

Sony's PMW-400 shouldermount camcorder
Sony’s PMW-400 shouldermount camcorder supports up to 100Mbps recording. Picture: Sony.

Sony has added a fifth camcorder to its growing range of 50Mbps, solid-state camcorders.

Announced at this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas, the PMW-400 is a 2/3inch, shoulder-mounted camcorder with 50Mbps 4:2:2 recording, making it suitable for both news and long-form TV production.

The PMW-400 slots in below the flagship PMW-500 shoulder-mount camera, and above the ½-inch sensor, handheld PMW-200. The new model is part of Sony’s move to update its professional XDCAM EX camcorder range with 50Mbps recording, which is preferred for HD production by most European broadcasters.

The new camcorder is based around an imager with three 2/3-inch type Exmor CMOS sensors, which Sony claims gives a dynamic range of F13 for PAL (50Hz) and F12 for 60Hz countries. The camera’s gain can be set to between -3dB and 42dB.

Like the PMW-100, PMW-150 and PMW-200, the camcorder can record to SD card, XQD and SxS cards, with up to 50Mbps on SxS cards. But the camera is Sony’s first in its smaller-chip range to support the XAVC format, which will support up to 10-bit, 100Mbps recording. This format is shared with Sony’s F5 and F55 cinematic camcorders.

The PMW-400 has two HD-SDI outputs, as well as timecode, Gen-lock, HDMI and FireWire. Adding a wireless antennae allows camera operators to control the PMW-400 remotely, as well as FTP push. Users can add a triax or fibre control interface for studio or outside broadcast use.

Sony Supplies the PMW-400 either body only, or with a 16x zoom lens with auto-focus support.