New Røde connections add flexibility to Smartlav mic

Mobile journalism

Røde SC6 connector
Smartlav hook up: Røde’s new connectors give more options for using the Smartlav mic. Picture: Røde
Røde, the Australian manufacturer of microphones, has created some new accessory connections for its Smartlav, lavalier mic.

The Smartlav is designed specifically for the iPhone and other smartphones or tablets, with a TRRS audio connection. This allows the Smartlav to use the combination headphone-mic socket on most smartphones, rather than a USB or proprietary interface, such as Apple’s Lightning connector.

However, the way the 3.5mm TRRS jack is wired means that the Smartlav will not connect properly to a standard 3.5mm jack on an audio recorder or video camera, or to a conventional 3.5mm to XLR adapter.

In response, Røde has created an adapter, the SC3, which converts the TRRS adapter to a standard, stereo, 3.5mm jack input. This allows the Smartlav to work directly with DSLR and other cameras with a 3.5mm audio input, providing a cost-effective alternative to high-end lavalier mics.

A second adapter, the SC6, is designed for use with smartphones, and allows monitoring on headphones whilst using the Smartlav for audio recording, or as a higher-quality alternative to a mobile phone headset for remote interviews over Skype, or software such as Luci Live.

The SC6 contains both a headphone socket, on a 3.5mm jack, and two TRRS jack inputs. This allows recording via two Smartlavs, for basic interviews, although Røde points out that all the audio from both mics will be recorded on to one channel.

For smartphone and tablet video recording, Røde has also now released an adapter cable for its Video Mic Go. The SC7 cable converts the Video Mic Go’s 3.5mm TRS output to a TRRS output to allow direct connections to a smartphone, or via the input on the SC6 adapter.

The adapter is likely to appeal to videojournalists and mobile journalists using the iPhone or other smartphones, or devices such as the Padcaster recording rig for the iPad.