Video test: Nikon Coolpix P7800

Two video clips from the P7800

Nikon's Coolpix P7800
Nikon’s pro compact, Coolpix P7800. Picture: Nikon.

The Nikon P7800 is the manufacturer’s latest, pro-spec compact camera.

The first video test was shot from a single position to show the camera’s zoom range and performance recording motion and detail of the Coolpix 7800.

The second is a short film, produced in the style of a news package, shot entirely on the P7800, and the Nikon ME-1 microphone, which is a short stereo shotgun type.

The objective for the second video was to produce an entire news piece on just the one camera, on location, in a short deadline. All the footage – including both the vox pop interviews and all the b-roll – was shot on location in Kingston, south west London, during a single lunch hour.

The P7800 has both a custom and auto video mode. The bulk of the footage for both clips was recorded in auto mode, including with auto focus. This is a typical shooting mode for this type of camera, which is really at its best for quick turnaround work or where a videojournalist needs to travel with the minimum of kit.

All the footage was shot handheld, with the camera’s image stabiliser on. The camera does feature a built-in ND filter, and this was used for most of the footage.

The video mode was set to 1080p, 25fps. Audio was set to the medium input setting for the external mic, in this case the ME-1.

The video is uncorrected and ungraded but the audio has been adjusted in Adobe Audition, to compensate for the rather loud background noise on location, and the relatively low power and limited directionality of the ME-1.

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