Nikon launches D7200 and wireless mic kit

Nikon's D7200
Upgraded APS-C: Nikon’s D7200. Picture: Nikon
Nikon has announced a new, top of the range APS-C sensor DSLR, the D7200.

The new camera claims both higher sensitivity and improved autofocus in low light, with ISO settings up to 25,600 and as low as ISO 100, and AF capabilities down to -3 EV.

The camera’s AF sensor has 51 points, and the D7200 can shoot up to 6fps in DX (APS-C) format or 7fps in a 1.3x crop mode; for stills the sensor delivers 24.2 megapixels. Nikon says dynamic range on the D7200 is further improved over that on previous cameras.

The D7200 has built-in WiF for camera control and file sharing, but it is also the first Nikon DSLR to include near-field communications (NFC) for quick set up with a smartphone or tablet.

For video, the D7200 can record both to internal memory, and over its HDMI output, a feature previously limited to the D750 and D810 models. There is an Auto ISO mode available during manual shooting, to control gain, and also a log-like Flat Picture Control for images that are going to be graded later in post. There is also a zebra pattern for critical exposure.

However, although the D7200 has an Exceed 4 processor, there are some limits to the video mode. The camera can record full HD at either 25 or 30fps, but to record 50fps or 60fps, the D7200 will only work in the 1.3x crop mode although the image is still 1080p.

The D7200 keeps the dust and weather-sealed body of the D7200, as well as the magnesium alloy chassis and dual SD card slots, and 3.5mm mic input. Video recording is to h.264 files, although it is worth noting that recording time is limited to 10 minutes at the highest quality settings.

The D7200 goes on sale on March 19, at £939.99, or around $1200 before sales tax in the US.

Nikon has also announced a wireless mic system for its DSLRs. The ME-W1 is a two part system, with a receiver and transmitter that both capture sound via a mono mic, with connections between the two over Bluetooth. Both units are water-resistant, and the transmitter also has a 3.5mm jack for connecting to a stereo mic or other sound source.

The mic system will cost £239, but Nikon has yet to announce a sales date.