Nikon releases D5300, WiFi-equipped DSLR

Nikon 5300
The new D5300. Picture: Nikon

Nikon has released the D5300, its latest mid-range DSLR and the company’s first to have built-in WiFi and GPS.

The Nikon D5300 is the fourth in the company’s line of mid-range consumer cameras, and shares many features with earlier D5xxx models, including a swivel LCD screen, and mic input.

The D5300 has an ISO range of 100 to 12,800, and a 24.2 megapixel sensor, in stills mode. The camera body is slightly smaller and ligher than the earlier D5200, and also comes in a choice of body colours (black, red and grey).

The camera records to a single SD card, rather than the dual slots of the D7100, and shoots up to five frames a second for stills.

For video, the D5300 supports 50p/60p framerates in full HD, with video recorded as a Quicktime file using H.264 compression. The camera also follows the trend among recent DSLRs of doing away with the optical low-pass filter. The camera’s WiFi connection also allows remote control from an iOS or Android device, via a free app download.

The camera is expected to cost £729 in the UK.

Nikon’s D5000-series have tended to punch above their weight, when it comes to video quality and price, making them a viable option for budget videojournalism. This as the video we shot entirely with the D5100 what is possible.

  • Nikon has also announced a new FX prime lens, the f.14, 58mm. The new lens, aimed at professionals, will cost £1599.