Review: Nikon’s D750 DSLR

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Video quality: the deciding factor?

Video quality, then, is the deciding factor in picking the D750 over another full-frame Nikon DSLR, or indeed a rival brand’s full-frame camera.

In our video tests and our short film made for this review, we used a D750 alongside a D800 and D600.

Reviewing the footage, recorded internally on the highest quality video settings, showed better shadow detail on the review model than on the D600. The D600 is prone to moire, the D750 seems to be much less so.

The D750 also handled highlights better, and it seemed to reproduce mixed lighting more accurately than the D600. This is likely to be down to the D750’s more up-to-date video codec; the camera also has a better selection of video controls in its menu. We also preferred the D750’s video to footage from a Canon 5D Mark III.

Notably, even in relatively challenging lighting, the difference between internal recording and external recording, to an Atomos Ninja II, was fairly small. The D750 does also offer a flat picture profile and, whilst not a full-blown Log mode, as on the A7s, it does give more scope for grading and colouring in post.

In most practical situations, though, film-makers are likely to be very happy with the D750’s video quality.

See our test film, “The Guitar Doctor”, shot on the D750.

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