Review: Sony PXW-X70 camcorder

Compact camcorders

Producer and owner of Online Video Solutions, Rob Hargreaves, reports on Sony’s ultra-compact PXW-X70

Sony's PXW-X70
Small wonder? Sony’s PXW-X70. Image: Sony

The Sony PXW-X70 is a compact camcorder with professional features such as two XLR inputs, full size 3G HD-SDI and HDMI outputs, dual SD card slots with Relay and Simultaneous recording.

It permits the output of up to 1080p50/60 while simultaneous recording a different format in-camera; also included are three-stage optical ND filters, which are very useful in bright light. The “pro” features of the camera – whuch is based on the similar, AX-100, consumer camcorder, also include Picture Profile settings so you have more in-camera picture control.

The PXW-X70 is built around a new single 1-inch, 20 megapixel sensor, which is far bigger than the sensors in competing models at this size and price range. This should mean better low light shooting and a shallower depth of field, which after testing, certainly appears to be the case.

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