Review: The X factor: Røde’s Stereo VideoMic X

Audio recording

Cinematic soundscapes

Audio test: using the SVMX with the Nikon D800 DSLR

Ultimately, though, whether to recommend the Stereo Video Mic X depends largely on how someone plans to use it, and whether that use justifies the cost.

The Stereo VideoMic X is a premium microphone and Røde has made a good job of putting it together. But a stereo XY mic, at this price, is too specialist for the many DSLR shooters who are in the market for an on-camera mic.

Most DSLR film makers would be better served by buying a VideoMic Pro and a shotgun mic, and an on-camera pre-amp or sound recorder, such as the Tascam DR-60D.

Owners of higher-end cinematic camcorders might find a space in their bag for an SVMX for recording atmos and effects, and it has a lot of potential for capturing more immersive sound – and even some dialogue – on a B-camera, perhaps on an observational documentary where there is no boom operator. In this scenario, an XY mic would prevent sound from dropping off, as the talent moves off camera, and it captures background noise as well as dialogue.

But once again, these are specialist applications. Certainly, a lower price, and putting XLR cables in the box, would widen the SVMX’s appeal to a larger group of film makers.

But if you need the Stereo VideoMic X’s capabilities, and know how to make the most of them, it will serve you well.

  • The Røde Stereo VideoMic X is on sale now, at around $800 or £515+VAT.
  • Our full video test of the mic is available here.
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