Rotolight tackles sound with Roto-Mic

Light and sound

Roto-Mic with the RL-48B light
Rotolight’s new Roto-Mic with the RL-48B light attached. Picture: Rotolight

Rotolight, the specialist in LED-based lighting, has branched out into audio with its first microphone.

The Roto-Mic is an on-camera, short shotgun design, aimed at the DSLR and small video camera market. The mic has its own in-built, battery powered preamp and is similar in design to other microphones aimed at the DSLR user, such as those from Røde or Sennheiser.

The new mic claims to have a 40hz-20kHz audio response, and the output can be set with a -10dB pad or +10dB gain, for cameras with noisy inputs or automatic gain control. The mic draws its power from a 9v battery, and outputs to a 3.5mm cable. Along with other mics in its class, there is no support for phantom power.

The mic body is isolated from the camera cold-shoe mount with rubber suspensions, which can be replaced, and the mic comes with a foam shield and “deadcat”.

Rotolight plans to sell the Roto-Mic both on its own, and as part of a new “Sound and Light” kit.

This includes the mic, but also the RL48-B Rotolight. This is a small LED ring light, which can be used on or off camera. The kit includes a stand to mount the light directly on a camera hotshoe, but it is also designed to slip directly over the Roto-Mic.

This should make it much easier to set  up both the mic and camera on a DSLR, without a rig, or on a small camcorder.

The Rotolight itself has a variable colour temperature, from 3200K to 6300K, and comes with ND filters to dim the output. The light outputs the equivalent of 100 watts, at a 140-degree angle, according to Rotolight.

The kit is now on sale, at a UK price of pounds 149.99 ex VAT. The Roto-Mic on its own is £59.95 ex VAT.