Samyang Rokinon launches 50mm T1.5 cine prime

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Samyang Rokinon 50mm T1.5 prime
New focal length: Samyang Rokinon’s 50mm T1.5 prime

Samyang – the Korean lens maker which also sells under the Rokinonbrand – has announced a 50mm, standard prime lens.

The new lens completes the company’s line up of the main focal lengths, fitting in between the company’s existing 35mm and 85mm optics. The lens is designed for full-frame DSLR sensors, as well as crop-sensor cameras, and gives a 46.2 degree field of view on full frame.

The new 50mm lens comes in two versions, both based around the same design. The stills lens has a widest aperture of f1.4, whilst the cinema version is rated at T1.5. The cinema version features built-in gearing for both the aperture and focus; the stills version features a conventional aperture ring.

The lens is available in a wide range of lens mounts, including Canon EF and Nikon F, as well as Micro Four Thirds, Sony A mount and E mount, Fuji X and Canon M. All lenses, though, are fully manual, regardless of the mount used.

The 50mm T1.5 has an eight-bladed aperture for a pleasing bokeh effect, and a nine-element, six group internal design. The lens features an anti-reflective coating and also comes with a lens hood as standard.

Samyang now has a range of cinema lenses rated at T1.5 from 24mm to 85mm, as well as a range of wider-angle and fish-eye lenses for full-frame and smaller formats. The new 50mm prime will launch, officially, at Photokina.

The 50mm lens is expected to sell for about £480 in the UK, for the cine version, with US prices to be confirmed. Earlier this year the company launched a 10mm cine lens and a set of cine lens kits. The lens will compete with branded primes from the likes of Canon and Nikon.