Sony announces A7R II 4K, 42mp camera

Sony A7R II
4K and 42MP: the new Sony A7R II. Image: Sony

Sony is due to release a new version of its flagship A7R, 35mm digital camera this summer.

The Sony A7R II will be based around a full-frame, 35mm sensor with 42 megapixels capture in stills mode. This puts the camera ahead of both the current A7R and Nikon D810 models, in terms of resolution.

The new camera also gains the five-axis image stabilisation Sony developed for the A7 II, and adds tuning to assist with very high resolution photography.

This, the company says, will reduce the camera shake that can be a problem with ultra-high res images, and which can force photographers to use higher shutter speeds. Sony says the stabilisation adds the equivalent of 4.5 stops. The stabilisation system should also benefit videographers, especially when using Sony’s OSS lenses.

Sony has also upgraded the autofocus system on the A7R II, to include 399 phase-detection AF points and 25 contrast-detection points, with improved focus tracking and improved autofocus in live view and vide modes. Sony says the new AF system will work well with a wider range of lenses than on earlier models.

The new sensor is a full-frame, 35mm unit, which resolves up to 42.4 megapixels and gives the camera a native ISO range of 100 to 25,600, expandable to ISO 50 to ISO 102,400. The expanded ISO range is not, though, available in video mode.

The A7R II also features a newly designed electronic viewfinder (EVF), based on an OLED screen, and a redesigned shutter button and grip. The new camera has more customisable buttons to allow users to fine-tune their set ups.

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